In order to protect the capsules from exposure to excessive humidity and temperature variations, the following precautions are adhered to:
After counting, the capsules are packed in co-extruded, multi-layered, anti-static treated food-grade polyethylene bags.
After the polyethylene bags are sealed, then packed in strong double corrugated cartons, all the six sides lined with
thermocol sheets (Styrofoam) providing thermal insulation and cushioning.
These corrugated boxes which are sealed with self adhesive tapes and then nylon strapped.

Export Packing

Our capsules are PreservativeIn order to protect capsules from severe & fluctuating conditions of temperature and humidity,
we pack the capsules first in Poly-Bags, then these bags are put in "Aluminum Foil LLDP co-extruded bags". These bags
are then put in corrugated box, which is lined with Thermocol (Styrofoam)on all the six inner sides of the box.
Further these packed boxes are then laminated with poly film. Thus we not
only take care of the temperatureand humidity but also take into consideration
the mis-handling that might take place during transportation.


Labeling being subset of packaging, the cartons are properly labeled indicating basic information viz., Size, Colour, Quantity, Storage Conditions,

Destination etc. Visual test are conducted to ensure that the script is legible and colours are harmonious.

Proper markings box numbers & sample capsules / capsules color image is paste on each box which helps in easy visual Identification of Provide.


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National Capsules.

National Capsules is established in 2011-2012 with an intention to establish state of the art manufacturing facility for Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules.